How Do You Eat a Whale?

I could easily be described as a stout individual. I’m 6′ 4 (and a quarter)” tall and usually hover around 300 pounds so food analogies usually stick with me. My buddy Jerry Smyth (Sales guy and former professional skateboarder) used to ask me “How do you eat a whale?” To which I would respond, “That’s […]

I am Dynamic Input: And So Can You!

Now that everyone knows where I stand with Alteryx (I like it), let’s talk about my favorite tool for workflows and the namesake of this blog, “Dynamic Input”. It should be noted, that I don’t love AS400. But it exists in my life and life of so many others so we must deal with it. […]

Dynamic Input: Instructions

So let’s walk through the configuration of our Dynamic input. The key to this tool is bringing in data that we are going to use in our “Where” clause. My example has us pulling record IDs from data set 1. On the tool configuration pane, we have two main sections for this demo. The first […]

The Best Advice I Ever Received

At Knight, we have some data problems. These problems are not unique to us, but rather we are one of many companies that are stuck in this transition between legacy systems like AS400 and those that exist today. So the question is, without being chained to expensive contractors or an employee base that is drying […]

Getting Started

Aloha! My name is Treyson and I am working at Knight Transportation in Phoenix, AZ to develop a team of empowered individuals through the use of tools like Alteryx, Tableau and Power BI. I also head the Phoenix Alteryx User Group with Michael Perillo. Our mission there is to help spread the good word of […]