A Letter to Another Great Inspire

Well it’s that bittersweet time of year again #Inspire19 is in the books and we say goodbye to the physical presence of the Alteryx community that we all love. This may have been my favorite Inspire yet because of the massive level of engagement that the dev team has provided to the members of the Ace program. New leadership ( Derek Knudsen and Russell Christopher) as well as legends in the game ( Stephen Ahlgren, Adam Riley and Jarrod Pozarnsky) have gone above and beyond to help layout a roadmap of things to come that allows me to feel much better about the future than I did landing in Nashville the week before.

#alteryx is a truly amazing tool that has allowed me to advance my career and learn in ways that I would have never thought possible. It leads to a huge level of passion that can be seen throughout the entire community and is embodied through all of our new Aces ( Nick Haylund, Fi Gordon, Kenda Barnes, Thales Donizeti, Samantha Jayne Hughes, Yugandhar Muley) in which the program is truly amplified by your presence.

This year I was allowed to speak on two topics that are close to my heart: expanding your own skillset and making Alteryx work as fast as you can. Both of which lead to tremendous feedback that will help me be better at spreading the message in the future.

Finally thanks Tuvy Le and the rest of the Aces who have become my little data family which I always get incredibly excited to see every few months. My life is enriched because I know you. I am excited for the next year and Inspire Europe is going to be awesome!

Also, the world has spoken.

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