Be Inspired!

If you are on the fence about flying out to the desert at the beginning of June, know this:

There is a reason Alteryx’s annual conference is called “Inspire”

Last year we drove out to San Diego to go to this conference for a software that we had just started using in order to get some ideas on how other people were using it to change their own world. The class list seemed really exciting and we were stoked to learn.

We arrived on Sunday night and immediately I called my sales guy Jeff and he was like “You need to come to the lobby of the hotel and meet some people!” So I show up looking like a homeless person to this group of folks in suits and he just took me to them one by one. This is so and so with “The Information Lab”, this is one of our Aces, this is the guy who built the geospatial tools, this is my bosses bosses boss, etc. This lead into a long talk about the solutions center and how there were people who could help me tackle problems.

I made it about 15 minutes through my first training class on Monday and decided that I was changing the plan for that week. I went over to that solutions center (If you go, you need to check it out!) and pinned down my buddy CHILL. Corey is a smart dude who knows how his product works. I did not go to a single class. He and I sat there for 3 days and just built whatever I could think of. (Seriously we built a working customer portal with an Analytics Gallery on an Azure instance that pulled reports based on the user’s login info (


I was floating through the air because this was the moment in my life when I realized that with Alteryx, you are truly only limited to what you can conceptualize in your own head. That and some sort of data streaming stuff where it runs when records change. If any of you figure that out, let me know.

Now I don’t expect everyone to do this because there just isn’t the bandwidth and there is a ton of value from what is said in those classes.

Anyways. Go to Inspire, you won’t regret it.


(That guy behind me is so intense…)

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