Championing Others Pt. 4

Part 3 In part 3, I mentioned that sometimes managers will block people’s movement because they are “too important” where they are at. What the hell kind of excuse is that?!? This frustrates me to no end.  Your great employees will make moves when they are ready whether you want them to or not. Once […]

Championing Others Pt. 3

Part 2! Happy hump day everyone! This is the post that I have been most excited for. If you have someone who passes the first two criteria, this is where you are going to get the opportunity to shine and be a real leader. Recap. You have to 1) find someone worth mentoring and 2) […]

Championing Others Pt. 2

Part 1 is here! After yesterday’s post, I think that for the most part this series is going to be mostly around mentoring, with that championship part stuck right in the middle. In this capacity, they are different, I promise. Alright part 2! Let’s get going on this! It’s important to know, that I believe […]

Be Inspired!

If you are on the fence about flying out to the desert at the beginning of June, know this: There is a reason Alteryx’s annual conference is called “Inspire” Last year we drove out to San Diego to go to this conference for a software that we had just started using in order to get […]

Championing Others Pt. 1

It’s been a little while! The Thor: Ragnarok trailer came out in the last month and I have been pretty much watching that in my free time. (Don’t tell Disney this is on here, they will probably shut me down) I have talked a few times about how to be passionate and push yourself forward […]